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Our Dentists in South Edmonton Will Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy!

It is extremely important to correct dental problems as they occur, and that means having a reliable dentist in Edmonton to call. Here at the Saddleback Dental Centre, we have compiled a team of Edmonton dentists to meet all of your dental needs in a convenient, comfortable, and effective manner. We provide an entire suite of dental services—from cosmetic to preventative. Here are a few:

Emergency Diagnosis and Treatment
Anyone who has experienced extreme dental pain can tell you the importance of having a good dentist in Edmonton who provides emergency services. One of our dentists in Edmonton, Nizar Kherani, specializes in diagnosing dental problems and working with special issues, like Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ). No matter what your dental issue, you can trust that our Edmonton dentists will be prepared to give you a swift diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dental Care for Your Children
All of the staff members at our dental clinic in Edmonton are prepared to work with your children—our Edmonton dentist Dr. Tony Phylimon even works in cosmetic dental care for your young ones! Proper dental care for children has long-lasting effects into adulthood, and cosmetic dental issues can have major impacts on self-esteem. Our Edmonton dentists are prepared to give your children the specialized treatment that they need to be healthy and happy.

At our dental clinic in Edmonton, each of our dentists has vast and specialized experience. For example, Dr. Vidya Makkikana worked in Uganda, learning about many different aspects of dentistry and gaining unique experience. Each of our dentists give back to the community and have special experiences like Dr. Makkikana's that have helped them prepare to give you the best and most efficient treatment possible.

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Customer Testimonial

I entered the dental office traumatized, in unbearable pain, apprehensive and a complete coward. During my care I was amazed at the focus, friendly service and the quality of services performed. Other dentists did not compare by far.
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