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Saddleback Dental Centre’s Orthodontics Services

We believe Orthodontics is more than aesthetics. At Saddleback Dental Centre, we provide comprehensive orthodontic services that address aesthetics and correct slight to severe oral issues. Our orthodontic services can increase your ability to clean teeth, promote the placement of teeth, and boost jaw function. For children, we focus on improving tooth spacing and jaw coordination. Our compassionate, experienced team wants you to feel confident with the look and feel of your smile. Contact us today to learn more.

Orthodontic Braces in Edmonton, AB

Benefits of Orthodontic Braces

The many benefits of orthodontic braces include:

  • Improved Oral Health –Straight teeth are easier to brush, clean, and floss for an overall healthier mouth.
  • Prevent Jawbone Erosion –Bacteria often get stuck in misaligned teeth, resulting in jawbone erosion.
  • Boost Confidence – Braces play an important role in boosting your smile’s look and feel, helping to improve your confidence.
  • Improves Speech – Chronic speech issues often stem from misaligned teeth.

Importance of Early Orthodontic Treatment 

We recommend beginning orthodontic treatment as early as possible. We’ll check your children’s mouths for any signs of orthodontic problems at each exam in hopes of catching oral health issues early. Patients with misaligned jaws face health issues like headaches and difficulty breathing if left untreated. We’ll address any early orthodontic problems as early as possible to reduce the likelihood of tooth loss and gum and bone deterioration.

Orthodontics For All Ages

Though children’s orthodontic braces are very common, orthodontic braces for adults can alleviate many oral issues. For adults and teen patients, orthodontic treatment focuses on the correct position of teeth and a proper bite. No matter your age, we’ll find the orthodontic treatment that fits your needs. Whether you need to repair crooked teeth or have an overcrowded mouth, we’ll help perfect your glowing smile with orthodontic braces.

Orthodontic Treatment in Edmonton, AB

Types Of Orthodontic Braces

The types of orthodontic braces at Saddleback Dental Centre include:

  • Metal Braces – Traditional metal braces are made of stainless steel with wires that attach to rings at the front of the teeth. They produce fast and efficient results for patients.
  • Lingual Braces – Lingual braces are bonded to the back of the teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing metal-brace option.
  • Ceramic Braces –We can match the color of your teeth with ceramic braces with clear wires for a blended look.
  • Clear Braces –We create molds of your teeth to form clear, plastic aligners. We’ll switch these every few weeks to straighten your smile over time.

Why Choose Saddleback Dental Centre?

Saddleback Dental Centre is proud to be your family dentist in Edmonton. We offer comprehensive dental services for the family, from dentures and sealants to orthodontics and veneers. We’re passionate about preserving your smile for the future. Our orthodontic braces are an excellent way to ensure the alignment of your teeth and jaws. We’ll stay by your side throughout the journey of braces. We love to see you smile with confidence.

Contact Us For Orthodontic Braces Treatment

We understand a trip to the dentist is scary for some people. Our team is here to ensure you have a relaxing time in our dental chair. We want to be your complete North Edmonton and South Edmonton family dentistry. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

We’re Big Believers in Comprehensive Care