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Dental Sealant Treatment in Edmonton, AB

Saddleback Dental Centre Provides Tooth Sealants

The professional team at Saddleback Dental Centre can provide exceptional dental sealant treatments for patients in North and South Edmonton, AB, and the surrounding area. Though brushing and flossing are the most reliable ways to prevent cavities, tooth sealants can help protect the teeth you may miss during your daily cleanings. It can be difficult to thoroughly clean the molars in the back of your mouth through routine brushing. Their nooks and crannies are prime spaces for bacteria and leftover food to hide. Over time, these bacteria can cause tooth decay and diminish your oral health. Dental sealants provide an added barrier of defense to protect your smile. Let us help you maintain healthy, pearly-white teeth. Call us today to learn more about how.

Reasons for Seeking Dental Sealant Treatment

Good oral hygiene is critical for maintaining a full, healthy smile. But brushing and flossing your teeth may not be enough to ensure they remain in pristine condition. The molars in the back of your mouth are highly-vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. Not only are they difficult to reach, but their chewing surfaces have small pits and grooves that can trap food and germs for a prolonged period. These germs can combine with sugars to create acids that cause tooth decay. However, dental sealants can combat this risk and protect the surfaces of molars. By preventing cavities, your teeth will remain strong and you will avoid the eventual need to spend time and money on fillings, crowns, or caps to repair decayed teeth.

Understanding Dental Sealants and How They Work

Dental sealant is a thin, protective coating that helps protect teeth from harmful bacteria and prevents cavities. At Saddleback Dental Centre in Edmonton, AB, our dental professionals can apply this safeguard to help your teeth or the teeth of your children stay clean and strong. Made from plastic or other dental materials, tooth sealants adhere to the molars’ chewing surfaces and have been found to reduce the risk of decay by almost 80% for two years. They are effective because they prevent food, bacteria, and acid from settling on teeth and damaging them.

Dental Sealants in Edmonton, AB

Determining If You Are A Candidate for Tooth Sealants

Saddleback Dental Centre is proud to provide tooth sealants for both children and adults, but early application is ideal. The first permanent molars appear when children are approximately six years old, with a second set emerging around the age of 12. By sealing these back teeth immediately, they are protected and cavity-free from the beginning. Our team can discuss with you the perfect time for applying sealants to your teeth or those of your child for superior protection. We will outline the dental sealant application process as well as its costs and any other suggestions we may have for your oral health.

Our Team Expertly Applies Dental Sealants in Edmonton

Saddleback Dental Centre can quickly and painlessly apply dental sealants. We will begin by cleaning and drying your tooth before covering it with an acidic gel. The gel’s purpose is to rough up the surface of a tooth so that it can form a strong bond with the sealant. However, we rinse the gel away before applying the sealant to the tooth’s grooves. In many cases, we will shine a light onto the tooth to harden the sealant more quickly. Sealants can be placed on new teeth, healthy teeth, or even teeth with early signs of decay to prevent additional damage.

Tooth Sealants Are Long-Term Dental Solutions

One of the many appealing facets of tooth sealants is their ability to remain effective for years. You will not need to apply or reapply for sealant during every routine dental appointment. They can last for up to a decade with proper care. However, they may chip or wear away, so our team is happy to monitor their effectiveness when you visit our North and South Edmonton office for your biannual checkups. While you may be able to feel the sealant for a short while after it is placed, you are unlikely to be able to recognize it falling off. If necessary, we can easily reapply dental sealants for continued protection.

Contact Saddleback Dental Centre for Dental Sealants Today

For a safe, effective way to protect your teeth beyond brushing and flossing, take advantage of dental sealants in Edmonton, AB. Sealants can improve your oral hygiene or the oral hygiene of your child by filling the pits and grooves in molars where food and bacteria accumulate. With no known side effects, tooth sealants are safe to use as an added line of defense against cavities and tooth decay for children or adults. Saddleback Dental Centre can apply dental sealant treatments for you or your loved ones, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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