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Spring is here, and while you are focusing on spring cleaning in the house, do not forget to do a deep clean of your mouth, too. Healthy teeth and gums start with proper oral care. After all your teeth do for you, they deserve a good cleaning every now and then. So, while you are creating your list of to-do’s for inside the house, add a few dental to-do’s and make time in your busy schedule to visit your local dentist in Edmonton.

How to Give Your Mouth a Deep Cleaning
  1. Opt for an Electric Toothbrush – Manual toothbrushes are not as good at removing plaque buildup, nor can they deep clean those hard-to-reach spots. Electric models clean the gum line, back of your molars and use vibrations to break food particles loose. Remember to floss each day, too. Even the best electric toothbrush is no supplement for flossing.
  2. Do Not Forget the Tongue – A tongue scraper can help remove more bacteria from your mouth than brushing. Gently scrape your tongue after you clean – you may even notice your breath is fresher!
  3. Skip Sugars – Your dentist in Edmonton will tell you that sugar is the enemy your teeth don’t want to deal with at all. Not only does it erode tooth enamel, but it can allow bacteria to grow inside your mouth. Try to cut sugar from your diet, or at least brush or rinse with mouthwash after consuming sugars to keep your mouth clean.
  4. Use a Good Mouthwash – Next time you visit your dentist in Edmonton, ask about prescription mouthwashes. These are antimicrobial, which decrease bacteria present in the mouth and can protect from gingivitis, reduce swelling of the gums and limit bleeding.
  5. Get a Cleaning – If you are due, make an appointment with your Edmonton dentist for your annual or bi-annual checkup and cleaning. While brushing and flossing do a great job, they are not a supplement for professional cleanings.

Take control of your oral health and give yourself the gift of a healthy, clean smile by visiting your local dentist in Edmonton. Saddleback Dental Centre is accepting new patients and we have 42 years of combined experience helping patients maintain their oral health. Book your appointment now by calling us at 780 437-4872 or contact us online.