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A bright and confident smile can be achieved through the cosmetic procedure of teeth whitening. This treatment is not only in high demand but it is accessible, affordable and safe.

Our teeth become stained and yellowed as a natural consequence of time. Teeth whitening leads to an illuminating smile, which enhances your natural features.

As a popular cosmetic dental treatment, teeth whitening can now be done in a number of ways. Saddleback Dental Centre can guide you through the procedure for teeth whitening.

How does teeth whitening work?

For those looking to correct their yellowed or stained teeth, they can either opt for at home treatments or have it professionally carried out by our dentist.

Bleaching can be accomplished through specialized toothpaste, in office laser treatment and custom trays for your mouth were a gel with bleach is applied directly to the teeth. Each method varies in strength, cost, and convenience.

The bleach removes unwanted stains and makes teeth several shades whiter than their natural color.

Professional Whitening

It is best to consult with your dentist when considering bleaching. It is important to know if your teeth will react well to bleach and if the treatment will be successful.

In-office teeth whitening is by far the most time-efficient and safest option when it comes to obtaining an attractive smile. A team of experts will provide a dental exam and cleaning before the procedure to see what kind of teeth whitening is best for you.

At Saddleback Dental Centre, it is possible for dentists to apply the gel in a single comprehensive treatment. It takes less than an hour to obtain perfectly polished teeth.

In some cases, dentists may provide alternative solutions to obtain a polished smile.

  • Consult with your dentist beforehand: This is a crucial component to teeth whitening treatments. No one knows your mouth and teeth better than your dentist. If you have undergone major dental surgery or have cavities then it could have adverse effects.
  • Temporary irritation: Just as every smile is unique, so is every set of teeth. Some teeth are more sensitive than others so it is important to know that temporary irritation can occur during whitening procedures.
  • Maintenance: Bleaching is an effective way to a luminous smile but it must be maintained. Regular brushing, flossing, and cleanings are essential to keeping your teeth at their best.

An attractive, whitened smile is one of your most powerful assets. If you are interested in this safe cosmetic dental treatment, then call our team of dentists at 780 437-4872.