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Bad Breath Solutions by Saddleback Dental Centre in Edmonton, AB

Nobody wants to be known as the person with bad breath. Even if you keep mints with you at all times, we have all experienced at some time, a bad taste in our mouth and unpleasant odor on our breath. Have you ever wondered what causes bad breath? Why some people seem to have it worse than others? Or maybe you are curious about ways to make it go away? Saddleback Dental is a dental clinic in South Edmonton that can clear up the common causes, offer some easy ways you can keep your breath fresh, and provide dental services to help you feel confident in your healthy smile and fresh breath.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is caused by many different factors. One of the most common causes is food and drinks. After that morning coffee or indulging in a pasta dish with lots of garlic, it can be tough not to have those flavors linger and cause a noticeable odor. Tobacco use is another common cause of bad breath and one that leaves a distinct smell. Ignoring your dental hygiene can also result in bad odors, as bacteria and plaque buildup on teeth and gums or on dentures, causing odors. Dry mouth can also cause bad breath since saliva functions to clean the mouth. Infections and some medications may also produce bad breath either by causing dry mouth or resulting in released chemicals.

Top 5 Tips to Get Rid Of Bad Breath
  • Brush Your Teeth – Maintain a regular oral hygiene routine, brushing twice daily and flossing once a day. That way there is less opportunity for plaque and bacteria to build up, reducing odors and keeping your teeth healthy.
  • Eat Wisely – If you will be in close quarters with others, skip the onions on your sandwich. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables; some can help clean your teeth as you chew, and most will help you stay hydrated.
  • Stay Hydrated – Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth from getting dry and producing strong odors. Consciously rinsing and drinking water after a meal can also help keep food particles from staying on your teeth.
  • Quit Smoking – Tobacco use is one of the most noticeable causes of bad breath. It isn’t easy to quit smoking, but fresher breath and better overall health are rewarded to those who stick it out and kick the habit.
  • Visit Your Dentist – If you experience chronic bad breath, visit your dentist for an evaluation. They will be able to help determine the cause, treat any infections, and may prescribe an antimicrobial mouthwash to help treat chronic bad breath.

Come to Saddleback Dental Centre in South Edmonton for a cleaning to have your teeth, gums, and mouth feeling as fresh and clean as possible. We have a team of experienced and friendly professionals who can help you take care of bad breath or any other oral hygiene concerns you have. Our clinic offers cosmetic dentistry, emergency treatments, regular check-ups, and other dental health services.

Book your appointment in South Edmonton by calling us at 780 437-4872 or contact us online.