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Emergency Dental Care in Edmonton, AB

Many people experience tooth injuries, but regardless of how common they are, not everyone knows what to do when they or a loved one are experiencing a dental emergency. Cracked, chipped, broken or knocked out teeth may happen to anyone from a variety of accidents, so it is important to know what to do if it happens.

Having a basic understanding of tooth injuries can help save you time, money and maybe even a tooth.

What to Do for Common Dental Injuries
  • Chipped Tooth or Fracture – If a chip or fracture is minor, you may be able to put off seeking medical attention until a dentist can see you during regular hours. With these injuries, pain usually subsides fairly quickly and the biggest worry is aesthetics. White-filling, a crown or a root canal may be required to fix the chip, depending on the severity. If the chip is sizable or the fracture is severe, you should receive medical attention immediately. Avoid further damage by seeking treatment and being gentle with the injured tooth.
  • Knocked Out Tooth – If a tooth has been knocked out, you should seek medical attention quickly by going to an emergency dental clinic as soon as possible and try not to handle it too much. If possible, put the tooth back in its socket, being careful not to swallow it before receiving treatment. If the tooth won’t stay in the socket, rinse it and store it in cold milk or saliva. Using a cold, wet compress may help ease the bleeding and pain from the tooth socket. Timing is important to save an adult tooth, so seek emergency dental care quickly.
  • Something Lodged Between Teeth – Sometimes things get stuck between teeth and can be difficult to remove. If you face this issue, use dental floss to try and gently dislodge the object. Do not use a pin or sharp object, as you risk cutting your gums or scratching the tooth surface. If you cannot remove the object with floss, call your dentist and book a visit soon.
  • Lost Filling – If a filling is lost, you can protect the tooth with a piece of sugarless gum, but only for a short period of time. Seek dental care as soon as you can.
  • Discomfort – Dental emergencies do not always involve the impact that chips or loosens a tooth. Sometimes severe pain can occur without a clear indication of the cause. The best prevention is regular dental checkups, but if you experience pain like this, it is important to get professional treatment quickly. Call your dentist’s office rather than heading to the emergency room, and see if there is an available timeslot for an emergency case.

If you need emergency dental care in South Edmonton, Saddleback Dental Centre can help. We offer cosmetic dentistry, emergency treatments, and regular check-ups. Our friendly staff is dedicated to keeping you smiling and looking great. Book your appointment by calling us at 780 437-4872 or contact us online.