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Dental Insurance Plans by Saddleback Dental Centre in Edmonton, AB

Like so many other people, you dread going to the dentist. But you also know that your dental hygiene is something you should prioritize. Learn how to get the most out of your dental insurance and make your time at the dental clinic count. Remember, the more proactive you are about your dental health, the less likely you are to need painful treatments in the future.

Making the Best Use of Your Dental Plan

Using your plan to the full extent of its coverage can have a number of advantages. Here are a few tips to help you capitalize on the benefits available to you.

  • Understand your plan: It might not be the most interesting thing that you’ll read all year, but looking over your insurance papers can help you use your benefits more effectively. Read your plan to find out exactly what is and isn’t covered and to what extent. Some treatments may be 100% covered by your plan, while others may only be given partial coverage.
  • Learn the language: If you encounter terms that you are unfamiliar with, ask your insurance provider or your South Edmonton dentist for clarification. Knowing the lingo will help you take full advantage of everything that your plan has to offer.
  • Yearly maximum: Most insurance plans run from year to year and unclaimed benefits don’t carry over to the following year. Basically, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Hit your maximum every year to increase your savings.
  • Prevention: Prevention really is the best medicine. See your South Edmonton dentist regularly so that minor dental irritations don’t turn into major problems down the road.
Contacting Your Insurance Company

Whenever you need to contact your insurance company you should always prepare a list of questions in advance. That way, you can make sure that you get to ask everything you need to before the call ends. Dental insurance plans vary depending on the company, so make sure you understand what your plan entails, which includes premiums, deductibles and much more. If your dental benefits were purchased for you from your employer, this is based on your employer budgeting for insurance, not on yours or your beneficiaries needs.

Saddleback Dental: Your South Edmonton Dental Clinic

At Saddleback Dental, we are always happy to help our patients with their oral health care. One of the best ways to take complete advantage of your dental insurance is to schedule regular annual or biannual cleaning and checkups for you and your entire family. That way, you can easily stay on top of your dental hygiene! Keep in mind that we always make dental recommendations based on what we believe is the best for you, not what your policy covers. Schedule your appointment with us before the new year arrives.